A rainy Sunday

Todays #blogtober challenge is to share my day, if I had to sum today up in one word it would be RAIN! Boy has the wet stuff just kept falling today!

The roads were flooded in places on my trip to the yard, and the fields after weeks of nothing but dry weather are now soggy and slippy.

Sadly that meant that today Mikey only had an hours turn out, and I spent the whole time worrying, yesterday was his first day out in six weeks, and he was perfectly behaved and stuffed his face on the grass all day, today he went out, and didn’t really settle, even with a delivery of hay to the field, so after an hour, I decided to bring him in, I can’t risk a slip after a silly mad moment, and if I had of left the yard and he was still out I would of just worried the whole time.  Better to be safe than sorry as they say and another day in with the long rehab journey isn’t really going to make that much difference.

What else did I get up to today?  To be honest, the last couple of weeks I haven’t felt 100%, suffering from the bug that has been going around so I was grateful for a quiet day and spent most of it tucked up with a cup of tea and a blanket, writing a couple of blogs.

A quick afternoon visit back to the yard to sort Mikey out, getting wet for the second time today, I am lucky, as his yard is just ten minutes up the road from my house so it’s not too much trouble at times like this when I am having to go up every day twice a day. I iced his legs using my Ice Vibe Boots, I know with the type of injury he has (proximal suspensory) that cold hosing has limited effects the longer time passes, however the vet recommend if I can, to keep it up as much as I can, so I have been religiously doing it twice a day every day – even if it helps just 1% it will be worth it.  Whilst he was stood having his legs ice I popped his Massage Pad on and cracked on mucking out and then tucked him up in bed for the night before heading home and warming myself up in a nice hot bath!

Tonight, my friend Candice and I are going to go to the cinema, to watch First Man (Ryan Gosling’s new film, based on the real life of Neil Armstrong who was first man on the moon), it look’s pretty good, and let’s face it Ryan is pretty easy on the eye.  I have a Cineworld pass, so we go to the cinema a fair bit, if you have any film recommendations then comment and let me know!

Before the film we are paying a visit to Kaspa’s.  🙂


I already know what I am going to have, I can’t remember the name of it but it comes with ice cream and peanut butter – in fact just writing about it is making me hungry!

And that’s my Sunday, pretty unspectacular, but sometimes a quiet chilled out day is just what the doctor ordered.  What have you been up to today?

If you want to find out what the other #blogtober bloggers have been up to on their Sunday, have a look at the link below:

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